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  • Midterm Elections

    Pray all will take this serious

    November 6 Election
    is a very important Election...
    Defend America's Constitutional Republic

  • Pray for Abortionist salvation and end of Killing

    Donna Randolph, MD is the Medical Director at the Choices abortion Clinic in Memphis. Her specialties are abortion and hormone replacement therapy for transgender persons. Please pray for her eyes to be opened to the horror of her killings and that she can find forgiveness & salvation in Jesus Christ. Please pray that God will put a STOP to her killing business.

  • Resolution to not sell Plan B in Fentress Co.

    Please join with me as Fentress RTL will be working on presenting a resolution to the new county commission that would prevent sale of the morning after pill in our county
    Many thanks

  • Prayer

    Prayer for 8 year old girl that is battling brain cancer.

  • Moses koripalli

    Pray for Moses as he shares the gospel and for Harvest Bible Institute in India

  • Church

    Pray for all churches in our community