Mission Ministry in India

We Praise God for the many doors He has opened for us to unite in the Harvest with Pastor Moses Koripalli and his home Church, Cornerstone, in Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. Together we make an unstoppable Army for the Kingdom of God.

Our Pastor, Roger Burks, from Fentress County Tennessee population around 17,000 and Pastor Moses from Narsapur population around 70,000 take turns ministering to each other’s Congregation yearly.

Pastor Moses expends much of his resources training Pastors in India to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the 1.25 billion people of India where the predominant religion is Hindu. Pastor Moses speaks English really good but not Southern ease so when he shared with us that in India they have over three hundred million gods I was sure I misunderstood. Later I found out it truly was 333,000,000 and thought what a wicked place but just as the thought surfaced I immediately knew we in America are just as evil. We don’t sit our idols in the corner and pray to them we just place one in a central spot of each room and allow it to numb the mind, spew-out warped values and then lull us into apathy. Forgive me for a soap-box moment! That is just one of the many idols we worship.

Anyways back to the folks in India; Pastor Moses covers the transportation, housing, and training material cost for the group of Trainees who feel led of God to become Pastors. That is where we get to help. Most of us are not called to go to the far corners of the world to be Missionaries but we can help those who are because small donations make a big difference when God’s Kingdom is the recipient.